You’re Never Too Old For Aerial Workouts

Author on the Trapeze at 55-years-old; June 2021

When people complain about working out I know it’s because they haven’t found what lights them up yet.

How I discovered my passion, in my forties, of aerial circus workouts.

At age seven I was a gymnast.

In my early forties I became awe-struck by aerialists, specifically people on silks, but I never thought I could do it. I was too old, had no training, etc.

Permission and encouragement, a recipe for success.

I choose not to be a circus performer because then I would equate fun with work, and it would stop being fun for me.

I fell in love with static trapeze.

There’s something Zen about being suspended 30 feet in the air, and having to balance on a bar.

Several years into my training, I was so comfortable that I was showing off and I hurt myself.

When I finally stopped beating myself up about my mistake, I went in another direction and began studying handstands/hand balancing.

Author Attempting a Handstand

Training had become a huge part of my life.

Circus Training on Zoom

After the first class, a painful and consistent sciatica I’ve had for fifteen years disappeared. I recently spoke to another one of my contortion teachers and she said the same thing happened to her!

Author’s Splits After a Year of Stretching
Author’s Forearm Stand

The bottom line is, find what you love and do that.



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